airspace control

airspace control
See airspace control in the combat zone.

Military dictionary. 2000.

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  • airspace control — oro erdvės kontrolė statusas T sritis Gynyba apibrėžtis Procedūros, kurios apima valdymo ir kontrolės funkcijas, mažina riziką ir padeda visoms tarnyboms, dalyvaujančioms oro, sausumos ir jūrų operacijose, veikti reikšmingai ir lanksčiai.… …   NATO terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • airspace control area — Airspace that is laterally defined by the boundaries of the operational area. The airspace control area may be subdivided into airspace control sectors …   Military dictionary

  • airspace control sector — A subelement of the airspace control area, established to facilitate the control of the overall area. Airspace control sector boundaries normally coincide with air defense organization subdivision boundaries. Airspace control sectors are… …   Military dictionary

  • airspace control authority — The commander designated to assume overall responsibility for the operation of the airspace control system in the airspace control area. Also called ACA. See also airspace control; airspace control area; airspace control system; control;… …   Military dictionary

  • airspace control procedures — Rules, mechanisms, and directions that facilitate the control and use of airspace of specified dimensions. See also airspace control authority; airspace control in a combat zone; airspace control order; airspace control plan …   Military dictionary

  • airspace control in the combat zone — A process used to increase combat effectiveness by promoting the safe, efficient, and flexible use of airspace. Airspace control is provided in order to reduce the risk of friendly fire, enhance air defense operations, and permit greater… …   Military dictionary

  • airspace control boundary — The lateral limits of an airspace control area, airspace control sector, high density airspace control zone, or airspace restricted area …   Military dictionary

  • airspace control system — As it pertains to military aviation, a service provided in the combat zone to increase operational effectiveness by promoting safe, efficient, and flexible use of airspace. Airspace control is provided to permit greater flexibility of operations… …   Aviation dictionary

  • airspace control order — An order implementing the airspace control plan that provides details of the approved requests for airspace control measures. It is published as a part of the air tasking order (ATO) or as a separate document. Airspace classification …   Aviation dictionary

  • airspace control plan — The document approved by the joint force commander that provides specific planning guidance and procedures for the airspace control system for the joint force operational area. Also called ACP. See also airspace control system; joint force… …   Military dictionary

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